About Us

BP4u started operating in 2011 with a well-qualified, experienced and diverse team. With time it grew to become an international company providing a variety of services all over the world. Initially, we started as a proofreading and editing firm but, with time, expanded our skillset and now, we are much more than a proofreader. 

Furthermore, we are building a relationship with our customers, with more than 10 years of experience. We are proud to have several happy customers to date. It is our firm belief that every customer deserves an honest solution to his/her problems. Therefore, we feel proud of providing the best quality and reliable services to each one of them.  

BP4u solutions consist of a big team of specialists in different fields, working together under one roof. Once we take a project, our team analyses it and keep continuous contact with a client for modifications or changes in the project. We are confident, once you hire us you will always come to us to avail of our services.  

All the services we provide are now divided into four categories: Academic serviceswebsite development and graphic designing services, business management and marketing services (except the US and Canada). 

Specialised Team

We have a big team of specialists in different fields working together under one roof to provide services


With the hard work of our team, we have successfully gained the trust of clients from all over the world


As an international service provider, we believe in the originality of our work. This is the key for us to build trust

Academic Services

Qualified editors at BP4u solutions have published their scholarly writing in peer-reviewed and well-reputed international journals. Therefore, their services made the clients trust us, helping us to reach the peak of success.  

All of the publications of our clients were published in Scopus, IEEE and ISI indexed journals (clients’ publication). The trust of our clients in the expertise of our editors made them achieve this. 

Most importantly, the high-quality work produced by BP4u solutions has proved that our editors are well experienced and trustworthy. To date, we worked for many famous universities and industries from all over the world. 


Digital Services

The website development and graphic designing teams are highly professional in their skills. Our teams focus on responsive and user-friendly websites for our clients from all over the world.  

BP4u solutions have done several projects where they delivered customised website and content as per clients’ requirements. We create bespoke websites and avoid the use of templates. 


Business Support Services

We also have a pool of virtual personal assistants with diverse skills and training. Dedicated virtual personal assistants are assigned to help companies to manage their websites and other social media pages. Moreover, they also help companies to get in touch with their clients through email and other social media platforms. Our marketing team helps business owners to increase the organic traffic on their website to promote their businesses.

There is a dedicated resource available for each business as per their requirements, who has hands-on experience of all different types of business support services.

Most importantly, several companies are practically saving hundreds of pounds in terms of their office expenses after benefitting from our virtual personal assistants. 


We believe in the best quality of work and do not compromise on it at any cost. The reviews of our clients around the world are the proof of the efficiency and the quality of our hard work. 


Very satisfactory and timely service providers. Highly recommended!
Nurul Hamsha
Your edit is very good and good professional writing.