Content writing

Content writing

Have you ever given this a thought that why people often mix copywriting with creative writing? Or sometimes people search for creative writing copywriting altogether?  There’s a slight difference between the two! Let’s make it simple.

Copywriting deals with advertising and marketing whereas, creative writing is a broader term. It includes the work of a copywriter as well as other types of writing such as article writing, scriptwriting, poems and writing non-fiction or fiction books.

But why bother if it’s copywriting or creative writing when BP4u solutions provide both services under one roof.

BP4u solutions provide professional, affordable and creative content writing services worldwide. We offer a unique mixture of technical, artistic and qualified content writers that help us ensure guaranteed customer satisfaction. Our finest online creative content writing services include:

SEO-Friendly blog/article

Our creative blog writers are competent enough to deal with a wide range of topics without any exception of niche. Whether it’s a sports blog or a business one, all you need is a thoughtful blend of SEO in your content. That’s where you need a professional SEO friendly blog writer. Right?

Our blog writing experts will help you generate desirable headings and intriguing traffic-grabbing content for your blog related to any niche. If you are looking here and there for content writer services or freelance writer services, so don’t go anywhere because BP4u solutions is right here to serve you!

Web/Sales Copy

When your targeted audience visits your website, all you need is to engage them. This will not happen by just making a website and displaying pictures. In other words, you need to build website content for which you will need web content writers to make them smartly buy your product. 

Web content gives an insight to a visitor about what they need to know. In addition, the pages on your website having good quality content serve as a navigation to a customer. 

Therefore, if you want to expand your business and attract more customers with a fancy-looking website, then well-written web content is all you need. Moreover, your website needs content that should provide information, meet the SEO requirement and be updated with Google’s algorithm. 

BP4u Solutions got it all covered for you. We provide a team of professional freelance web content writers dedicated to building the most eye-catching web content for you!

Social Media Post Copywriting

Our social media post copywriting service provides the easiest way to scale up your digital presence and engage your followers. Our experts have years of experience writing social media content. Hence, they know how to create and post eye-catching, high-quality and engaging content to your social media platforms. These posts will be customised for your business with great effectiveness and preciseness. 

Thus, we have you covered no matter which social media platform you use- Facebook, Instagram, Google My Business or Twitter.  So, stop searching websites for content writers because you are already at the best one!

Product descriptions/Listing

We provide experienced and competent listing writers for different e-commerce platforms like Amazon, eBay, Shopify, etc. Our experts have years of experience in writing professional SEO-optimized listing content along with targeted keywords. This will help to attract the right audience to your business.Our experts are trained to write on a range of products like baby-related items, beauty, fashion, fitness, health and wellness, gaming, electronics, jewellery, handmade home décor and whatnot. Thus, if you are looking for extraordinary writers who can write product descriptions for you, you are on the right page!