You must have listened to this quote quite often “A  book is a gift you can open again and again” – Garrison Keillor. Whether it’s a book or an E-book (fiction or non-fiction), both can help educate your targeted audience and impress them enough to buy your product. We engage your audience with such leadership content that boosts your company’s credibility in your industry.

Suppose you want to attract relevant business leads into your sales funnel. In that case, writing highly engaging and informative e-books is a great way to do it.

Our expert writers can craft highly informative and engaging E-books relevant to your business. These E-books will help educate your audience and answer questions they have. At BP4u Solutions, our writers provide this service through extensive research and hard work.

Why go somewhere else when you are getting everything under one roof?

See below what’s included in our E-book/Book Services:

Proofreading and Editing

At BP4u Solutions, we have qualified native English-speaking PhD editors with over 10 years of experience in proofreading and editing. They also hold a diploma in editing and proofreading; hence they have a keen eye to detect errors in your work. That’s the reason why our clients love our work and keep on coming back to us.

Developmental Editing

If you are looking to bring your story to the next level, this service is for you. Our editors focus on the elements of the story or screenplay as a whole. Moreover, they run an in-depth review of your entire manuscript. They make sure to improve the content and structure of your manuscript as per the industry’s standards. Improvements are made in different parts of the story or screenplay, such as plot, characterization, action sequences, etc. So, don’t delay it further and contact BP4u Solutions for developmental editing services to improve your manuscripts right now!

Layout and Typesetting

After editing, you are only one step away from publishing and that is formatting. Our experts provide layout and typesetting services to facilitate our clients to get their books print-ready. This service focuses on the text setting, letters, symbols and glyphs that bring your book to the industry’s standards and make it ready for publishing on Kindle or any of your desired platforms.

Publishing Support

BP4u Solutions provide experts that help you publish your manuscript on Kindle, Amazon print-on-demand or any other platform of your choice. Our experienced team will layout and design a professional interior and exterior of your book and make it available for sale.

Writing Support

From getting an idea to an outline and hence to a final manuscript, BP4u solutions got you all covered. Our writers fully ensure that the text of your E-book/book looks as impactful as possible and targets the right audience.

BP4u Solutions provide writing services for all sorts of non-fiction E-books/books, covering different industries and verticals, including (but not limited to):

  • Business & E-commerce
  • Marketing and Advertising
  • Travel
  • Law
  • Education
  • Technology
  • Manufacturing