7 Must Know Tips to avoid failure in Web Development

Tips to avoid failure in web development

Web application development has evolved many folds since its foundation in 1990. The work done to develop a website for the Internet or the Intranet is known as Web development.

When developing a website, you need to assure that your web attracts heavy traffic and serves the users perfectly. This article discusses a few tips that shed light on the common mistakes made during the process of web development. Avoiding these mistakes can help you become a better web developer if you are planning on a website development project and avert any disappointments or failures.

Let us take a look at these common mistakes and the ways to improve your website development.

1. Unsuitable Design Template:

Design templates make the work easier and more efficient. So, when choosing a template for your website, price should not be the deciding factor. The structure, capability and production of the web design template should be the key factors under consideration. Good web development companies always focus on these factors when selecting a template. For commercial or web developers, paid or premium templates are the absolute choices, however, free templates are also available. Nonetheless, the choice should be based on their match with your technical and aesthetic requirements for the website. 

2. Unoptimised website:

The rank of your website predicts the amount of traffic your website will receive. Having a non-optimized website means that your website will not achieve a higher rank in Google or other search engines. Eventually, your website will not be one of the first few websites on the search engine and the users will stay unaware that your website even exists.

Another common mistake during website development is that the website is not correctly optimized for the right target audience. You might receive a lot of traffic, but it would not be of use if the audience is irrelevant. In the end, they will not turn into your customers and your conversion rate will fail. To prevent such failures, you must optimize your website for SEO. You can learn it yourself or even hire professional SEO agencies to optimize your websites for you. Thus, first, carry out a keyword search and focus on those keywords to target the right audience respective of their demand.

3. Insensitive response:

The evolution of smartphones today has shown us multiple ways to access online content. However, your web might have limited accessibility. In case your website is not accessible through smartphones, you will receive fewer customers. To ensure flawless navigation, you must enable users to access your website from all types of devices. Twitter Bootstrap is a free HTML, CSS and JavaScript framework used by individual web developers and even companies. You just have to go along the pattern and practices, and you will be able to create a responsive web application with no hurdles at all.

4. Unencrypted data:

If your web service is not secure, then do know it is a hacker’s best friend. If your website collects private customer data such as mobile number, address, bank details, etc. it is crucial to keep it secure. Therefore, when encoding information, encryption is the basic step to prevent any interference in the transmission of data and block the access of any unauthorized persons. The HTTPS in your website URL or a padlock sign with the website name indicates to the users that your website is secure and they will be more comfortable interacting with you.

5. Uncategorised content:

When a user opens a certain website and is not able to understand the purpose of your content, there is a possibility that you are going to lose that potential customer. Search engines follow a specific pattern to scan blogs or websites. These traditional patterns and styles are preferred as they are proven to work. Therefore, your website should be properly categorized to prevent any clutters. If you are yourself a web developer, make sure to clearly define the purpose of your website so that the visitor is easily able to perform the required action. For example, sign up for newsletters or check out your catalogue without feeling agitated. This way you can convert more and more visitors into your regular customers.

6. Irrelevant and time-consuming content:

Respective of today’s modern life, potential buyers do not have the time to search top to bottom on your website if they need anything. If they cannot find any required item or information, they will simply switch to any other website. Therefore, make sure the content is clear, brief, and winsome. Do not attempt the mistake of uploading a huge number of pictures or videos with irrelevant and lengthy content. This is also one of the reasons why websites take a longer time to load pushing the visitors back off from the website. 

7. Out-dated information:

Once the web development is completed, make sure to keep a check and balance. The content of your blog or website requires to be updated regularly. If your website is launching a new product, make sure to update your website about the new change. Keeping your website up to date will lead to better rankings in search engines and will also establish a good reputation. On the other hand, an outdated website does not appear to be engaging or credible. This way you may witness a decrease in reputation as well as ranking.


The term web development is an extremely vast term that comprises the development of a website, web service or complex web applications. Whether you are developing a website yourself or hiring a web development company, these tips must be brought under consideration. Every website might hold a different purpose and different objectives, yet these common mistakes can be found in web development irrespective of the category of your website. So just follow these tips and you can pass the hurdles coming your way during the process of web development.

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