Why Blogging? 10 reasons Blogging is important for Business and Marketing


Blogging is a marketing strategy that circles writing and publishing articles. These articles solve key problems of readers or suggest products to them. Through blogs, people can have an idea about the product and services a business is offering them. So, blogging is one of the most effective marketing strategies for online businesses.

The size of your business does not matter in blogging. Whether you have a small startup or a big business, blogging will be essential for your success. But blogging plays a very key role in the growth of small startups. It is regarded as the best marketing technique for small businesses.

Factors that are Essential for A Business’ Growth

There are different factors that determine the growth of a business. Marketing and advertisement are on the top of the list. Advertising your business makes people more aware of your business. But, the quality of your product or service makes people stick to your business. In addition, the ability of your employees to build the trust of your business also affects the growth of your business. So, a business’ growth is not limited to a single factor. But, effective marketing is most important.

1. Importance of Effective Marketing Strategies for Revenue Generation

As seen above, effective marketing helps a business to attract leads. These leads when turned into customers generate revenue for your business. But effective marketing does not mean costly marketing. You do not want to spend more revenue on marketing than you earn. Many marketing strategies like billboard ads, magazine ads, and mailed brochures are costly. But blogging is not costly. Good marketing blogs help you advertise your business without being much costly.

2. Cost-Effective Method of Marketing: Blogging

Blogging is one of the most cost-effective methods of marketing. You can start a blog for free and write for your business. Moreover, there are many blogging platforms or free blog sites where you can write your blogs for free. Medium is one of the best blogging platforms which allow you to write blogs for free. On these free blog platforms, you can create a blog and attract traffic to your website. In addition, these blog writing sites also offer the opportunity to write and earn. So, if your blog gets enough readers, you can get money for it.

If you do not want to use these blog sites, you can create your blog and link it to your website. Here you can write on your own or hire writers to produce high-quality content for your business.

Advantages of Blogging

1. Cost-Effective

As discussed above, blogs are the most cost-effective strategies for marketing. You can write about your business products and services in different blogs. These blogs will help you achieve traffic without investing in costly marketing.

2. Drives Traffic to Your Website

A blog will help you to create relevant content for your clients. People who may want to visit your site will use the direct links used in your blog. This will help you to increase traffic to your business’ website. Blogs published on other platforms will attract traffic from different platforms to your site. These people may not have known about your business without reading your blog.

3. Helps in Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

One of the most essential factors for the online success of your business is ranking. The blog will help your website to achieve better search engine ranking. This will increase the traffic on your website and eventually the sales of your business. Good blogs should be SEO optimised. This means that they should be well-written and identifiable by Google’s Al. They should include the necessary keywords required for ranking. You can use different blog software to optimize a blog for ranking.

4. Allows Usage of Long Tail Keywords

Blogs help you to insert long-tail keywords into the content easily. These long-tail keywords are essential for the ranking of your website. But, if used openly on a website, they are regarded as keyword stuffing by Google’s Al. So, the website does not rank on these keywords. Blogs use these keywords strategically and latent semantic indexing along with engaging writing. This writing is SEO-friendly and gets ranked on Google easily.

5. Converts Visitors into Customers

Best advertising blogs are those which convince people to buy your service. When people visit your website, you are not there to convince them personally. Blogs do the job for you. The content in the blogs provides enough information to the reader so that he can buy the service. So, blogging is essential for converting readers into customers.

6. Builds Social Media Connection

Today, Social media is the most used platform all over the world. So, the secret of network marketing’s success lies in social media marketing. Any business needs to grow its presence on social media to succeed. Blogging provides affordable social media marketing for your business. You can write your blog and share it on different platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, etc.

7. Builds Connections with Market Influencers

Blogging can help you build connections with market influencers. For example, if you are providing tourism service in your business. You can incorporate the links to tourism products listed on Amazon in your blogs. If people buy these products from Amazon through your link, you’ll get a commission from Amazon. These blogs are named Amazon affiliate blogs. Thus, you can use blogging for money.

8. Builds Your Business’ Personality

Blogging helps your brand to develop a specific personality. It allows you to insert realness into your business’ online profile. When reading blogs, people feel like they are talking to real people. Thus, it allows more interaction between your customers and business. This builds the trust of your business among your customers.

9. Establishes Authority over Competitors

People like to search for online services or products before buying. So, if you have written blogs that provide satisfying answers to their questions, they will choose your business over others. This increases your customers and establishes your business’s authority in the market.

10. Valuable Feedback

People can leave a comment in the comment section present on the blogging platform. You can also urge them through writing to provide feedback on your business. This feedback will help you to overcome the shortcomings in your service or product.

Types of Blogs

There are different types of blogs present on the internet. Mostly the type of blog depends upon the type of your business. A healthcare business can write healthcare marketing blogs. On the other hand, a service-providing business can write amazon affiliate blogs and advertise their products. This will sell the service of the business and generate money through affiliate marketing. In addition, you can search for ‘best blogs 2020’ or ‘best digital marketing blogs 2021 on Google. This will give you an insight into the types of blogs that do well in the market.


In this digital age, Blogging is essential for any business. It helps to advertise, convince people, and sell the services or products. So, if you own any business, create a blog for free and start writing about your business.

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