Top 10 Online Editing Tools for Writing in 2022

Once you are done writing a document, editing and proofreading are the next steps that significantly improve the quality of your text. Editing tools available online can help you analyse your content and correct grammatical errors, spellings and punctuation. In addition, their advanced level features can help you make the text more engrossing for the audience and improve its readability to make it more comprehensible. You can learn more about why online editors are crucial here.

Here we have listed down 10 of the best online writing editors and programs of 2022 for your ease.

1. ProWritingAid

ProWritingAid is the best online writing editor and a brilliant writing assistant that provides automated advice and suggestions to upgrade your writing. This tool highlights the errors such as spelling mistakes, repetitiveness, sentence variation, overuse of adverbs and many more to add clarity to the text. It provides explanations and suggestions for the users to improve their writing skills. Furthermore, this editor can analyse whole chapters, articles or even entire reports.

ProWritingAid can be easily used with MS Word/Outlook and Google Docs, which makes editing easier and more efficient. Furthermore, it has browser extensions that allow users to check their content on different websites.

ProWritingAid’s exclusive editing tool is most helpful to the students. It assists them to improve their writing techniques and steer clear of plagiarism. Moreover, it is popular in the business world as well as over 500 businesses are currently using ProWritingAid to boost their communications.

2. Grammarly

Grammarly is the most advanced editor online that provides innovative writing feedback to its users. It offers personalised checks for different document forms, a plagiarism detector, and other features to add compelling vocabulary, lively sentences and fluency in the text.

Users can easily correct potential errors with a free Grammarly account. However, if you want to enhance your text, check plagiarism and improve readability you can upgrade to a Grammarly Premium account. They also offer a business account that provides advanced features such as snippets, analytic dashboards and priority email support to ensure professional communication. Grammarly even recommends multiple discounts on annual and monthly plans so that students and other individuals can have easy access to it. It offers native apps for both Windows and macOS, browser extensions, Google docs support, Microsoft Word and Outlook add-ins.

3. Scrivener

Scrivener is the most incredible writing software of 2022. It saves time by providing easy access and can organise text and research material. The software is popular among best-selling novelists, screenwriters, students, academics, journalists, translators and many others.

Scrivener provides an integrated document management system that allows the users to organise notes, research material and other content. It offers numerous pre-made templates for fiction, nonfiction, thriller, screenplay and many other project types. Certainly, it is a go-to writing editor online for long writing projects allowing the users to compose their text in sections.

In Scrivener, users have easy access to bold, italics and other formatting tools. Moreover, they can add comments and observations, make lists, change themes and styles and insert images, tables and graphs. Scrivener is available for iOS, macOS and Windows so that the users can update their projects whenever they want.

4. Ginger Software

Ginger Software is a fast and efficient writing assistant. It offers various editing and proofreading tools including, grammar and spelling checkers. In addition, Ginger Software boosts the style and creativity of the text. A variety of synonyms and expressions are suggested with just a double-click. It modifies wordy and complex sentences to make the writing more engaging.

Ginger Software can translate and proofread the text in more than 50 different languages. One of its features includes reading the text out loud so that the user can easily check the delivery and fluency of the text. This writing editor is also available for desktop, Chrome, Safari, iOS, Android and even Microsoft Office.

5. WordRake

WordRake is effortless editing software. It makes the document clear and engaging by checking for vague words and clumsy phrases. It detects and improves weak sentences, perplexing language, grammar and spelling errors.

WordRake works with Microsoft Word and Outlook. It provides instant and precise results, saving the user’s time and effort. It offers numerous editing suggestions and reduces complications along the way. Moreover, WordRake’s privacy policy ensures that all confidential information is protected which makes it popular in the business world as well.

6. AutoCrit

AutoCrit is an online document editing tool that allows writers to edit their work anywhere quickly and efficiently. It provides precise judgement and constructive criticism that helps the users to improve their writing and create amazing stories.

Furthermore, AutoCrit features over 20 unique ways to improve the text. From weak dialogues to unnecessary cliches, it can demonstrate exactly where the sentences need to be changed or improvised.

AutoCrit analyses the text perfectly and provides suggestions to increase the engagement, delivery and correctness of the manuscript. It provides a reasonable report which includes wordy descriptions, passive voice indicators, imprecise words and more.

7. Hemingway App

Hemingway App is a writing editor free online. It underlines frequent errors and suggests ways to improve your writing. It also detects dense and complicated sentences, grammatical mistakes, punctuation blunders, adverbs and passive voice misuse. 

Furthermore, it provides numerous options to make the texts more captivating and intriguing. More importantly, Hemingway App is completely free-of-cost and user-friendly.

8. Google Docs

Google docs is a perfect choice if one is looking for a writing editor free online. It offers smart editing and styling tools that can easily format texts. Users can choose from an array of pre-made templates and hundreds of fonts and styles. In addition, there are other options available to add links, images, tables or graphs.

Google Docs is the most easily accessible and widely used editing software. It allows users to create documents from phones, laptops or computers with Chrome extensions or apps. It saves the changes automatically and even provides the history sorted by date and changes made in the document.

9. After The Deadline

After The Deadline is a useful writing editor that serves as a grammar and punctuation checker. It is mainly used as an extension for platforms like Chrome, Firefox, and others. The errors are highlighted in the text using colour codes, for instance, incorrect spelling is underlined in red, grammatical mistakes in green and style issues in blue.

After The Deadline does not only proofread in English but also features French, Portuguese, German and Spanish for its grammar and spell checker tools. It is the best writing editor free online that does not charge any money for checking the documents.

10. Scribes

Scribes is another writing editor free online. It detects incorrect grammar and spelling mistakes and provides explanations for every correction so that the users can strengthen their writing skills. It is a free-of-cost proofreader that is most helpful to students who struggle with writing.

Scribes identify repetitions, wordy sentences and redundancies plus it suggests persuasive synonyms for every word with an accompanying dictionary and thesaurus. It also provides a detailed report on the text, including word and sentence count, readability indicator etc.


Online editors can be an excellent choice to save one’s time, money and energy. All these editing websites for writing offer different tools, ranging from checking grammar and style to getting rid of unwanted words and suggesting improvements. But, always keep in mind that all these editing tools are bots and sometimes they give suggestions that are not practically correct. Therefore, you can contact us to get our content writing services and get rid of all the hassles of editing and proofreading your text.