Lead Generation and Digital Marketing:
What You Need to Know

Lead generation through digital marketing methods

Lead Generation and Digital Marketing: What You Need to Know

Whether you own a small business or an enterprise, you’re going to need digital marketing at one point in your career. Digital marketing is superior to traditional marketing in many ways – personalized, cost-effective, and whatnot. Generating leads through traditional marketing is a headache while generating them through digital marketing is a piece of cake. There are two main reasons for that:

  1. Personalized
  2. More interactive

This article will cover how to generate leads effectively through digital marketing and much more.

What Exactly does Digital Marketing Encompass? 

Since digital marketing is a broad term, it encompasses different types of marketing. Everything is done online. That’s why it’s named “digital marketing”. 

The following types of marketing is covered by Digital Marketing :

     Electronic Mail

     Social media




Another noticeable aspect of all of these is that they are all personalized. Certainly, this is the most significant advantage that you have with digital marketing. So, digital marketing encompasses all these various types of marketing techniques, but, some are better at generating leads than others. Each has its strong and weak points. 

For example, email marketing helps make conversions. On the other hand, SEO is useful for getting people in the first stage of the sales funnel. We’ll get back to which ones are perfect for you.

Lead Generation

It is the process of sparking interest in a potential customer to get them to make sales. In short, generating leads means getting someone who has shown some interest in your products and services to buy. Getting a potential customer to go deeper into the sales funnel – that is what lead generation is all about.

Why Lead Generation through Digital Marketing is a Breeze?

Digital marketing is perfect for lead generation. Want to know how? Firstly, is that an immense number of people have an online identity. This sheer amount of people online makes collecting data a breeze. Then, digital marketing has another significant advantage of it being able to target the right audience. If you sell cycles, you do not want your advertisements to be shown to people who have never bought a cycle in their life (unless you want to increase brand awareness)

Users’ Data

Our activities, hobbies, liking, and disliking’s are all being traced in today’s world. All this is done to ensure that the ads we see are personalized. By doing so, big companies can do better lead generation. I cannot stress how much of an impact our data has on the ads that we get. With 4.32 billion internet users worldwide, you don’t need to worry about finding data. There’s plenty of it.

Personalized Ads 

This is the biggest reason why you should be using digital marketing to generate leads. You can target people who are likely to be interested in your products with digital marketing. Even if you cannot get readers to convert, that’s perfectly fine. After all, that’s what leads are used for.

3 Applicable Tips to Help You Generate Leads Effectively with Digital Marketing

If you are not consistently generating high-quality leads with digital marketing, you are wasting its potential. Not generating leads through digital marketing would be like having a Ferrari in your garage that you never drive – a waste of resources. The first step is to just initiate; however, that’s not enough. You need to up your game after a while.  You can improve your lead generation process. Here’s how!

Use Social Media Marketing

On average, an adult spends 2.41 hours on social media. From the type of content that one likes to the kinds of posts that he or she saves, we can get to know a lot about a user. I consider it to be the best form of digital marketing for lead generation. This is because, it makes your work so much easier by doing half of it for you. Social media can get you a lot of data. In the US alone, there are 295.48 million social network users

Send Follow-up Emails 

Email marketing is very effective at getting consumers to convert. Certainly send informational content to your readers. Don’t always be trying to get them to buy from you. That’s a big no-no. Instead, create informative content. For instance, this could be listicles, informational or how-to type of content. In other words, anything other than pure copywriting will do. For instance, you could try experimenting with a blend of content writing and copywriting. That works the best.

Don’t Be Afraid of Using a CTA.

Next, after giving your audience some informative content, try more of a copywriting pitch. Keep it subtle. However, keeping it subtle doesn’t mean you don’t have to end your content with a clear call to action. Definitely include a solid and actionable CTA. Ambiguous CTA’s maybe like, “Do you like it? Let us know.” A clear CTA would be like, “Follow our Instagram/Facebook page if you liked our content.”

Best Digital Marketing Type for Lead Generation

Although, Not all forms of marketing are equal when it comes to any specific goal. Every strategy has its pros and cons. For example, social media marketing is the most effective one in lead generation. Social media platforms already have a lot of data about their users. Use this to your advantage.


To sum up, If you want to generate leads effectively, resort to digital marketing. Do not pay equal attention to all types of marketing. Because some have a high yield than others do. Some need more attention than others do. So be very specific. For example, social media marketing. Millions of people use the internet daily for hours. They are bound to give companies data about themselves. Whether it is willingly or unwilling.

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