Apply These 8 Secret Techniques to Improve Your Writing Skills Even to Become an Expert One!

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With the world business model changing with the increase in technological developments, freelancing is a new industry that has opened its doors, allowing everyone to earn by developing a side income or taking freelancing as a full-time job. Freelance writing jobs are the rave nowadays as everyone is trying their hand at it, however, not everyone achieves success in it. The question arises, how to improve your writing skills and make your mark in a world filled with people offering content writing services. Undoubtedly, The rise in online marketing has led to a rise in Freelance copywriting Marketers are always in the search of people with prowess over content writing which would enhance their business proposals and do well for their business overall.

Here are 8 tips on how to improve your writing skills:

     1.      Read and listen

Reading and listening and then reading some more is one of the best ways you can improve your writing skills Pick up those old novels collecting dust in your attic, search that article about the topic that caught your ear, put it on the news, and watch that movie. For one, these tips are guaranteed to teach you proper grammar, sentence structure and at the same time enhance your vocabulary. Conversely, the best thing about this is that you enjoy yourself by doing the above!

2.      Use a grammar checker

Whether it is content writing or article writing or any other kind of writing, to succeed at your freelance writing online job you must use correct grammar. No one is interested in bad grammar and incorrect use of words. Hence, To make sure that written content does not have those oh-so-embarrassing grammatical errors and that your vocabulary and sentence structure are on point, grammar checking tools are your best friend. Some best free grammar checkers are as follows which ensure you correct grammar for free.

             1.  Grammarly    2. Jetpack    3. Ginger    4.  Scribens    5.  Writer    6. Zoho   7.  LanguageTool    8.  Virtual Writing Tutor.

          3.   Plagiarism checkers for the win!

Being a professional content writer is no easy job. One needs to keep a lot of things in mind, the foremost being that your work is plagiarism-free. Taking inspiration from already published sources is okay but copying it can lead to serious legal issues. Therefore, to gain success in the field of content writing your content must be original and plagiarism-free.  Ensure that your work is plag-free by using the following free plagiarism checkers which can detect plagiarism-free work giving you a green light to go ahead and send it to the client. For detailed guidance check out our blog on plagiarism.

 Below are a few free plagiarism checkers.

  1. Duplichecker      .   
  2. PaperRater   
  3. Copyleaks 
  4. PlagScan   
  5. Plagiarisma   
  6. Plagiarism Checker   
  7. Quetext     .
  8. Small SEO Tools – Plagiarism Checker

          4.  Teachers to the rescue- always.

Without a doubt, there is no better way to learn than by taking up professional help. Clearly, by professional help, I mean taking up an online course. You can easily benefit from an online English course without it causing much damage to your hectic timetable. Not only do these classes explain and teach exactly where one goes wrong they also open up doors to many opportunities such as freelance writing jobs. A few options for you to take up writing courses for free are given below:

  1. The Novelry 
  2. ProWritingAid         
  3. Wesleyan University Creative Writing Specialization       
  4. Gotham Writers Online Writing Classes     
  5. Reedsy Learning Courses     
  6. Udemy Creative Writing Courses     
  7. edX Creative Writing Courses   
  8. FutureLearn Creative Arts and Media Writing Courses

     5.      Easy peasy gets the job done

It is the writer’s job to ensure that a clear message is being put across which can be easily conveyed and understood by the readers. Using a good vocabulary does not mean using long and difficult words which make the reader forget what he was reading about as he has to search for the meaning of that particular word. To put your message across, especially in business proposals and content writing it is necessary to use short sentences with a language easily understandable by the masses. Of course, this doesn’t mean that writing should be childlike, instead, your words should be powerful, having the ability to put their meaning across in an effective way.

     6.      Understanding the requirements

Content writing comes in many forms, some of the major content writers out there are website content writers, professional letter writers, article writers, etc. All of these tiers of content writing have a specific style which makes them different from the others. To illustrate this, one can understand that an article cannot be submitted in a job that requires content for a website, in the same way, a letter cannot suffice when an article is required. Similarly, to produce the best possible content means writing something which ticks all the checks in the requirement checklist. Thus, to improve your writing skills it is necessary that first, you understand what is required and then adopt the style of that specific project.  

     7.      Practise, practise, and practise.

They say practise makes a man perfect and ‘write (rightly) so! In particular, practise plays an important role in the field of writing. The more practise you do, the more you end up polishing your skills. Practising your writing skills also means that you can produce your portfolio. Every writer out there can vouch for the fact that a portfolio holds immense importance when it comes to searching for a freelance writing job. 

Following are the numerous freelance writing websites which one can use to kick start their freelance writing. Examples of which are as follows:

        1.   Contena    2. Upwork    3.  FlexJobs    4.  Freelance Writing Jobs    5. Textbroker    6.   Contently    7.   MediaBistro    8.   ProBlogger

Signing up on these sites can help you land a freelance writing job. Truly speaking, there is no better way to learn than experience and once you have a freelance writing job in your hand you can perfect your practice and learn from your mistakes as well.

     8.     Avoid that oh-so-famous writer’s block.

You’ll get away with too much advise on how to improve your writing skills, however, there a relatively few people talking about how to not impair your writing skills. The foremost is that make sure that while you are writing there are no distractions around you that can pull your thoughts off-topic. Wherefore, keep your phone aside and sit comfortably in a well-lit, well-ventilated room and start writing. Indeed, a healthy body is a route to a healthy mind. Therefore, make sure you have optimum sleep and optimum diet.


Writing, penning down your thoughts is not an easy task, specifically copywriting and content writing services are quite difficult in which you have to convince the audience to indulge in a specific action just by the power of your words. Nevertheless, using the above tips and keeping your physical and mental health in check can be a great way to make sure you are on the top of your freelance writing game! Unquestionably, These tricks will help you ace something as simple as writing a thank you letter to writing a professional email.

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