Plagiarism is a crime, whether it is committed on purpose or not. In the academic world, it is classed as academic misconduct. Copying and pasting someone’s sentences in your document is considered plagiarism.You must paraphrase a complete sentence even if you cite it in the text. However, paraphrasing can be difficult if English is your second language.

If English is your second language, you can count on BP4u solutions for good paraphrasing.

We have English language experts to make sure the similarity index of your document is within an acceptable range.


In addition, we do not use any tools and software to paraphrase your documents. All the documents are manually analysed by our experts with the help of Turnitin. After that, our experts paraphrase all of the highlighted sentences in the document while maintaining the quality of work without being expensive. We have been providing this service for years, building a wide variety of experience over time. 

Paraphrasing refers to the rewriting of the information in different words, keeping the original context. We only need the content, the rest will be taken care of by us in the minimum possible time with a quality product in your hand.

Benefits of choosing BP4u solutions for paraphrasing

It requires a complete focus and concentration to read and reread a document and paraphrase it. However, we make sure to maintain the original context of your document. BP4u solutions experts reduce the plagiarism score of your document so that your document has a minimum similarity index.

Most importantly, our writers are native English speakers who have full command of the language. They understand and observe the main idea of a document and then paraphrase it. Our editors mention comments, where they need any clarification from the client. For your convenience, BP4u solutions always meet your deadlines and offer at least two revisions of your document after submission.

So far, we have several returning clients because they trust us and our team. We make sure to keep the confidentiality of your document. The document sharing process is highly secured. Our services are reliable from start to end.

Documents we accept

  • Thesis
  • Research papers
  • All types of reports
  • Journal papers
  • Abstract/synopsis
  • Conference papers
  • Presentations
  • Articles
  • Blogs
  • News
  • Proposals

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