How to create a wikipedia pageHow to Create a Page on Wikipedia

To create a page on Wikipedia, you have to understand the Wikipedia platform well. It is a user-generated encyclopaedia where users can add articles, pages and biographies. The topics for these articles and pages are diverse and include almost everything.

If you are wondering how to make a Wikipedia page, you should keep in mind that it is an arduous task. There are specific rules for the regulation of content. However, you do not need to worry. We have written this article to help you make a Wikipedia page for yourself.

There are Five Pillars that help content makers understand how Wikipedia works:

1. It is an encyclopaedia.    

2. All of the writings here should be from a neutral perspective.   

3. There are no firm rules, only policies and guidelines.

4. The interactions among Wikipedia editors must be of respect and civility.   

5. It is free, usable, editable and distributable by all.

For those looking for a guide on how to get a Wikipedia page, the following steps will serve as an initial guide:

   A.   Make Contributions to Existing Accounts

Although Wikipedia is a user-generated platform, you should first build your credibility to increase your chances. To do this, contribute to different existing pages and articles.  You can edit different entries for factuality, clarity and reliability. When you engage more with the Wikipedia page, the probability of getting your article published will increase. Therefore, if you are speculating how to get on Wikipedia, you must build your credibility by editing and improving the content. However, you can edit the content by creating a user page first.

B.   How to Create a Wikipedia Account

Technically, this is the first step to getting on Wikipedia. Starting an account not only enables you to create a Wikipedia page for yourself but also provides other benefits. Some of them are:

·         Allowing you access to a permanent user page. You can share a short bio and some photos on this page.

·         Providing a talk page to interact with other users.

·         Building your reputation as a Wikipedia content creator.

·         Customising the appearance of your pages.

Creating an account on Wikipedia is a bit complex process. But, Wikipedia have officially written a step-by-step guide which you can access here.

C.   Plan Your Article

Planning your article is an essential step. It includes choosing a topic to write and then checking its chances of publication. There may be a chance that someone has already published the article about the topic that you are planning to write. No matter how unique your article may look, you should first research if any information has been published under the same subject. You can use the research bar for checking the pages related to your topic. Moreover, you should also review the article titling policy of Wikipedia before writing your article.

In addition, it will be good if you can check the article’s deletion log. This way, you can avoid writing an article that Wikipedia has already deleted.

D.   Check Your Topic’s Notability

This feature is exclusive to Wikipedia. Notability is a test to check a topic’s relevancy to have a separate article about it. For this, your page must have reliable and independent sources. Further, your topic should have two specific qualifications to be a stand-alone page: general notability and specific notability.

If you are wondering how to create a Wikipedia page for an artist, you need to consider it. Articles about living persons should be referenced well. This requirement is applied much rigorously to this category as any single statement without a source can be immediately removed. So, it is also an important quality to consider for those wondering how to create a Wikipedia biography.

E.   Research Your Article and Find References

To create a page on Wikipedia, it is necessary to research your topic thoroughly. Whether you are writing for your business, an artist or an academic article, you should add external and internal references. The sources used must exercise editorial control and be well-reputed for accuracy and fact-checking. Print sources such as books, magazines, newspapers, peer-reviewed scholarly journals, etc., are trustworthy. Furthermore, some web-only sources are also reliable. However, sources with no editorial control, like self-published blogs, UseNet discussions and personal social media and fan sites are unreliable.

If there is extensive information about a topic on reliable sources, the subject is notable. You can find sources from libraries and the internet. But internet-based sources must be cited after the books and newspaper citations. In addition, you can add references by getting assistance from Wikipedia help pages.

F.   Write a Draft of Your Page

After thoroughly researching your topic and gathering references, it is time to write a draft for your page. Make your content thoughtful, thorough and helpful for the searchers. Firstly, create an outline for your article. Divide your information into sections and prepare a table of contents for your article. Meanwhile, keep finding new information on your topic and checking the credibility of your content.

G.   Submit Your Page to Wikipedia

When you have completed writing and proofing your content, you are now ready to submit your article for review. The reviewing process can take a few days to a few weeks.  As it is a challenging task to create a page on Wikipedia, you may face rejection of your page a few times before finally getting approved.

H.   Keep Improving Your Article

Once your page gets approved and published on Wikipedia, you’ll still have to keep updating it with the latest information. No article is complete at the moment of its creation. It would be best to keep learning more about the topic and adding updated facts and figures.

These steps will serve as initial guidelines for those confused about how to make a wiki page. In addition, you must consider some important points when you are thinking of how to create a wiki page. Points have been described next.

Important Points to Consider while Creating a Page on Wikipedia

There are many things to consider while making a Wikipedia page for yourself. Some things you have to avoid while some are necessary to make your page a success.

  • Steer clear from having orphaned articles. These articles have no or significantly few other articles linking to them. That is why these articles will be unknown to readers.
  • You must not write articles advocating specific religious, political or other issues.
  • Articles about breaking news events are not appropriate for the Wikipedia page. However, you can write such articles on Wikinews.
  • You should research properly before writing your articles and cite them properly.
  • Avoid articles with advertisements, attacks on persons or organisations and copied materials.


As observed, it is a challenging task to create a page on Wikipedia. But we hope this article has provided you with enough guidance to get started. It would help if you keep improving your content with reliable information, and your page will succeed.

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